Transportable Homes For Sale South Australia

Are you interested in owning a dwelling that you can take anywhere? If so, look into transportable homes for sale. Youll get a comfortable mobile residence with all mod cons at a budget price.

These sturdy prefabricated dwellings let you move anywhere and take everything including the kitchen sink along with you. If this sound interesting, get in touch with Balco Transportable, Australias leading producer of transportable homes for sale. South Australia-based, we can create custom relocatable homes to suit every need and budget.

People buy transportable homes for many reasons. The main attraction, of course, is that theyre relocatable. If you need to move across the country for work or other reasons, just pack up your home and move. No need to wait for you home to sell and then buy a new one. Just find a plot of land to buy or rent at your destination and move your whole home.

Another benefit is that theyre far cheaper than regular houses. But that doesnt mean theyre low quality. Theyre constructed of sturdy, attractive Colorbond walls and roof cladding. Being factory made means that very strict quality control can be applied so you can be sure youre getting a solid unit.

Sizes range from a one bedroom-one bathroom unit up to a four bedroom two bathroom model with dining area and breakfast bar. As you can see, we have something for every family.

They come with a full range of facilities. Choose from a customised kitchenette for compact cooking space, bathrooms with environmentally friendly composting toilet, air conditioners and heat pumps.

In some situations, a transportable home may be your only option. Perhaps regular housing is currently scarce in the area youre moving to. Or maybe you want to live off the grid or right out in the wilds.

If youre ready to look for transportable homes for sale, South Australia is served by Balco Transportable. Just drop in to see us and well sit down and discuss your needs. We have extensive experience in crafting a complete range of relocatable homes and we can build one thats just right for your needs.

When you need the best in transportable homes for sale, contact Balco Transportable on (08) 8389 6850